Big Brother (US) Season 15 Episode 2 Watch Online In HD!!!!

Summary: The 15th season begins with the houseguests being introduced and entering the compound.

Big Brother Season 15 Episode 2 .I was in the house for 76 days when I won “Big Brother.” For those 76 days, you have no pen and paper, no internet, no books … you don’t have anything to do except talk to everyone. You to think about what you’re saying, you have to form these relationships. Half the time you don’t like what people are saying, but you have to think outside of yourself. You have to think “big picture,” the whole game, or else you’re not going to last very long.


It was really hard. I didn’t have a lot of fans, not a lot of people liked me. People loved to hate me. I didn’t realize that going in, I was just being myself. What actually happened is my relationship with Brendon, it made me want to fall in love and took my attention away from the relationships in the house. I wanted to fall in love, and I didn’t care about anyone else.